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2016 Slides

  1. The Great BPM Bake Off
    Richard Frost, Lead Enterprise Architect, Yorkshire Building Society Group

  2. The First 365 Days:  What Can You Achieve with a New Architecture Team?
    Martin Sykes, Head of Architecture and Design, Cambridge Assessment
    Simon King, Solution Architect, Cambridge Assessment

  3. Building a Solution Architecture Practice at National Grid
    Craig Rollason, Solution Architecture Practice Manager, National Grid
    Annabel Fears, SA Practice Resourcing Lead, National Grid

  4. Three Lines of Defence Approach to Bring BPM to Better Acceptance and Assure Compliance
    Frank Wimmer, Head of BPM & ICS Office, Alpiq AG

  5. Enterprise Architecture: Societal Foundation
    John Zachman, President, Zachman International

  6. From Service-Dominant Business Models to Networked Business Processes
    Paul Grefen, Professor, Director of Research, Eindhoven University of Technology

  7. Delivering On the Promises: Process Automation Robots and The Future of Work
    Leslie Willcocks, Professor, London School of Economics and Political Science

  8. What can Enterprise Architecture Learn from the Game of Chess?
    Gerben Wierda, Team Coordinator Architecture & Design, APG

2015 Slides

  1. Development of a Business Process Management Capability at John Lewis
    Kendal Maher, Manager, Business Process Unit & Janine Snodgrass, Business Process Architect, John Lewis

  2. EA and Operating Models - They are Related - You Need Both for Successful Delivery
    Tim Blaxall, Chief Business Architect, Global Life, Zurich

  3. Critical Success Factors for Your BPM CoE
    Sasha Aganova, Process Renewal Group

  4. Gaining BPM Commitment Throughout the Organization
    Roger Burlton, BPTrends Associates

  5. Changing Incentives for Knowledge Workers
    Sandy Kemsley, Kemsley Design

2014 Slides

  1. Plenary Keynote: Enterprise Architecture in the Boardroom
    Daryl Wilkinson, Head of Group Digital Development, Nationwide Building Society

  2. Plenary Keynote: Who Cares?: Getting a Grip on your Stakeholders' Needs and Expectations
    Roger Burlton, BPTrends Associates

  3. On a Page, On a Whiteboard, On the CIO Agenda - Successful Techniques to Create Compelling Communications
    Martin Sykes, Director, Enterprise Strategy Centre of Excellence, Microsoft

  4. How Do You Actually Design a New Process? – Surprising Truths and Practical Techniques
    Alec Sharp, Clariteq

  5. From Framework to Implementation: Aligning Business Architecture and Process Management to Deliver Transformation
    Timothy Blaxall, Chief Business Architect, Global Life, Zurich Insurance Services

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